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About The System

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) was passed by Congress in August of 1998 replaced the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) as the primary source of Federal funding available to support workforce development. The goal of the new legislation was to "increase the employment, retention and earnings by participants, and as a result, improve the quality of the workforce, reduce welfare dependency, and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the Nation".

The Act was not just a change in name for a Federal Program, but rather instituted a new way of doing business. It made available to all of the general public, services which were previously restricted to targeted, eligible individuals only. It initiated a structural change in workforce development services by legislating cooperation and collaboration among various agencies for the benefit of all job seekers and employers. And finally, it provided the framework for communities, if they chose, to comprehensively address all workforce issues regardless of funding source.

The centerpiece of the Act is the One-Stop Service Delivery System which includes at least one physical One-Stop Career Center in each service area. The One Stop Centers offer easily accessible, user friendly central points of contact. The System may be entered through any of the workforce Partner agencies including, but not limited to the Department of Labor, disability services agencies, literacy services, senior employment services, etc. for a true "no wrong door" approach to getting the help that's needed.

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